Mid-Year Update

The ever changing fluidity of the universe never ceases to amaze me. It’s something that we each must adhere. An rule written in our very DNA. One, which states that the best laid plans of mice and men, in short, we must adapt in order to survive. Like the protagonist of our current project, I myself have had some set backs this year. As such things have not progressed as swiftly as I would have liked.

Things changed for me personally when I suddenly had a change in living situations back in March of this year. At the same time I had some personal relationships fall apart, due to the shaky foundation on which they were built. Because of all of the changes in my life, I had to undergo some financial changes as well, and a long with some additional issues, decided that the artist we were using wasn’t working out.

In the weeks that followed the move, I was getting settled, but felt devoid of passion for really working on anything. I dwelled in that state for almost two months. Of course I still worked the day job, but when I came home it was impossible for me to concentrate on anything but the feelings of loss that I was experiencing. I felt all the time like I should use these emotions to fuel my work, but it just didn’t help.

I kept going through the motions until eventually the paralysis of everything begin to wear off. Since then I’ve been pressing forward slowly, but surely. In the time between, I’ve decided on a few things for my current project.

1. VR is cool, but not suited for this project.

I’ve invested money into an Oculus  Dev Kit and was looking into using the kinect v2 for Windows as an input device to use with the game. While this is still a very viable path to take in the future. This game needs to have it’s scope kept as small as possible, while telling the root tale and experience that it is meant to deliver. If demand for such interfaces becomes priority for players while this game is being made, I may add it in after an initial release.

2. I need an art director for this game that has personal interest and investment.

I mention this stuff, because I am looking to work with someone else as an art director. If you’re interested contact me at willc@thisdomain.com

Without an artist, I’m still developing systems and am using temp assets.  More coverage of the game will be coming, but things slowed down for a byte. Back in a bit.