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Time keeps on slipping

I often,  have written about the passage of time, in my blog posts. With good reason too, as we have a very limited amount of time to exist, as we are, on this planet. We are here and gone in a blink of an eye. I personally believe this is important to remember every day, to try and make sure that a sense of urgency stays present, so that thought can become realized action.

In that light, deadlines are starting to creep in, and  I can feel the fires beneath my feet begin to burn hotter as time moves on. One such deadline , that I have given the current project, is an igf submission this year. (If you’re saying to yourself, what’s an igf, follow this link Independent Games Festival)

The submission deadline is four months from today. I feel like the project is ,in no way a ready state, right now; and four months seems like a real short time to get things up to snuff, when I struggle to get time in on the project every week. Again though, it is motivating. It also looks like they changed their rules, so even if the game doesn’t do well in it’s submitted state, I can always resubmit the same game next year, as long as it wasn’t a finalist, which is encouraging.

My main hurdles to progress this year have been trying to be a lone wolf doing a 3d game. By lone wolf, I mean completely a lone. No outside contractors at all. This is very challenging. I had a friend who had signed on to do the music for the game, but at the end of the year last year, decided to up and move to Oregon on a whim, and didn’t take any of his equipment with him, so that fell through. And of course back in 2014 when the current project iteration started, my artist didn’t work out.

So, this has left some challenges.  My skill set, while versed in graphic design, and having experiemented with 3d modeling, has been lacking.

I ended up buying zbrush last year, so have been learning sculpting, and skinning and animation in blender. I am still working to really nail this part of my pipeline down. This is getting closer, but there is still a great need for assets in this area.

In addition, the audio assets now fall on me as well. I have played music guitar, piano, and bass, sang semi-professionally. <tangent>Before I tore my uvula from PT shouting when I was 17, and altered my throat, my uvula now is stretched out and sits on my tongue at rest, and I can no longer sing like I used to be able to .</tangent> So I can write music, have since I was 11, however drums have always been a challenge for me, and I never really had much exposure to them. So that is another skill I’ve been working to develop the last four months. I bought a digital drum kit in February. I’ve made pretty decent progress, but this is also still a struggle for me.

Coding wise, I have created a lot of really cool systems, but there are still many processes/systems that need to be coded, and then hooked up to content.  The narrative content itself is fleshed out completely for the entire game for the main story beats, however dialogue, and filler content still need to be written.

In addition to a narrative/story mode, the game is also slated to have 3 other modes. These modes are designed to be test beds for the story mode, but also have some interesting rule sets and content that the story mode won’t have.

The saving grace of this project, is the age that we are in right now. Never have there been such a collection of tools that are available to everyone to create games like this. Software like blender, Unity3d, and zbrush empower one person to make a 3d game in their spare time. There are so many other tools out there too! These just happen to be the ones I’m currently using.

It is the sweet and sour of this day and age, there are so many options and so much  cool stuff out there, that there is no way anyone person can experience and do all the cool shit that is available in this day and age, but one can try!

In addition, I also need to make the games website, which I’ve set up back in 2014 but haven’t had time/motivation to create yet.There are a lot of business tasks to complete as well, but not by October so that is a relief.

I am going to be aiming to blog at least once a week from here on in as well, simply to share some of the stuff that I’m doing with the game, and to get back to it, I’ve been pretty spares about it the last couple of years. Thanks for reading, back to work.

Negative feedback loops and the bastion of serenity.

I really haven’t been writing very much over the last few years. Well, except for code/documentation/tickets , but that’a not the type of writing that I am referring to. I suppose I simply haven’t taken the time to do so, which I’ve felt I have been missing for some time.

This has been in part to being busy, working full time, being a dad and attempting to create a game in my spare time with little to no help is a full plate. I would have to say that it was mainly do to depression however. That in and of it self is interesting. Dualistic nature it seems is ever present. While I’ve personally had some success in my professional life the last few years, at odds with it has been some of the hardest personal challenges I’ve ever had to face.

Losing the love of my life and further complications I won’t write about here, having living situation issues with family, and trying to help people, only to have them walk all over you, left me devistated emotionally for what seemed like forever.

It wasn’t until I finally started reaching outside myself again that I started to snap out of it. I ended up getting put on anti-depressents, started talking to people about my problems, and started taking daily steps to get out of the depression that I was in. It took me two and a half years to work through all of those issues. Had I reached out earlier I probably could have saved my self a lot of heart ache.

I guess that’s why I’m writing this post. To encourage anyone out there who is depressed to get out of themselves. If you do not want to feel the way you do anymore, then begin to make the effort to change. Very often in life, bad things happen, things don’t go the way we want. But, if we simply dwell on the loss, then we really lose ourselves in it.

The universe is not static, and when we become that way, we cease to be really alive and become more undead then any other metaphor that could use the term.

While not a post about game developement, I hope that this post will help me to revigorate my voice on my site. As well as possibly encourage some one else out there to get the help you need, if you need it. Reach out to a doctor, counselour, or family member. You don’t have to face your problems a lone.

Mid-Year Update

The ever changing fluidity of the universe never ceases to amaze me. It’s something that we each must adhere. An rule written in our very DNA. One, which states that the best laid plans of mice and men, in short, we must adapt in order to survive. Like the protagonist of our current project, I myself have had some set backs this year. As such things have not progressed as swiftly as I would have liked.

Things changed for me personally when I suddenly had a change in living situations back in March of this year. At the same time I had some personal relationships fall apart, due to the shaky foundation on which they were built. Because of all of the changes in my life, I had to undergo some financial changes as well, and a long with some additional issues, decided that the artist we were using wasn’t working out.

In the weeks that followed the move, I was getting settled, but felt devoid of passion for really working on anything. I dwelled in that state for almost two months. Of course I still worked the day job, but when I came home it was impossible for me to concentrate on anything but the feelings of loss that I was experiencing. I felt all the time like I should use these emotions to fuel my work, but it just didn’t help.

I kept going through the motions until eventually the paralysis of everything begin to wear off. Since then I’ve been pressing forward slowly, but surely. In the time between, I’ve decided on a few things for my current project.

1. VR is cool, but not suited for this project.

I’ve invested money into an Oculus  Dev Kit and was looking into using the kinect v2 for Windows as an input device to use with the game. While this is still a very viable path to take in the future. This game needs to have it’s scope kept as small as possible, while telling the root tale and experience that it is meant to deliver. If demand for such interfaces becomes priority for players while this game is being made, I may add it in after an initial release.

2. I need an art director for this game that has personal interest and investment.

I mention this stuff, because I am looking to work with someone else as an art director. If you’re interested contact me at

Without an artist, I’m still developing systems and am using temp assets.  More coverage of the game will be coming, but things slowed down for a byte. Back in a bit.



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