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Games I’ve worked on professionally.

Lost Origins: The Ambrosious Child

Client : Salt Shaker Games LLC
Contract Length : June 2012 – September 2012
Role : Staging Artist/Scripter/Lead Designer
Tools : Adobe Air, XML, Unearthed Tools, Adobe Photoshop
Platform : Windows®, Mac OS, Android™, iOS, and BlackBerry® Tablet OS

Lost Origins was a hidden object game, built from collaboration with developers all over the world, underneath the label Salt Shaker Games.
This was the largest project I’ve worked on thus far with animators from Russia,Texas, and various coders from all over the country.

I started off as a staging artist and scripter. I drew over 200 unique images in Photoshop and placed them in scenes and scripted game logic.
After production quality assets were complete, I would go back and replace the temporary assets, test, and adjust logic accordingly.
Later, the Lead Designer left the project and I was given the opportunity to take over. I got to work on some of the pacing issues and a few
of the games puzzles.

You can download the Golden Hour Build Download Here

Wind-Up Football

Client : Soma Games LLC
Contract Length : July 2012, Approximately 30hrs
Role : GUI / Systems Programmer
Tools : Unity 3D, NGUI, C#
Platform : IOS, Intel Ultrabook Touch

Wind-Up Football was a collaboration with Soma Games. I was in charge of scripting all the logic for the graphic user interface,
as well as using Unity’s PlayerPref object to setup serialization for managing the games item system. I left this project early on
as I was offered a Lead position working with Salt Shaker Games, but not before setting up most of the frame work for what would be
used to complete the systems functionality.

You can buy the game for the iPad Here

John Deere Augmented Reality App

Client : Catchfire Media
Contract Length : July 2012, Approximately 30hrs
Role : Programmer
Tools : Vuforia, Unity 3D, C#
Platform : Android

This android app allowed for a 3d model to be displayed on the touch devices screen, when the camera was pointed at a specific image.
In this case the John Deere 500J. Users could then interact with the model, rotating and viewing the 3D model over-laid on the image.
Various portions of the model could be selected and information about the tractor was displayed.
This was a fun project and I hope to get a chance to work with Vuforia and Augmented Reality tech in the future.

Barricade Alpha

Client : PhyerSoft
Contract Length : April 2011 – August 2011
Role : Lead Developer / Programmer
Tools : Troglodyte Game Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Opengl, OpenAL, C++
Platform : PC

Barricade was the first real time game that actually had some content that I ever worked on.
The team (PhyerSoft) on this project comprised of :

Design : Mike Poole
Art : Dwayne Madison
Music : Pete Wikstrom.
Programming : Will Canada

The game was created using my custom C++ engine Troglodyte, which used Opengl for rendering, OpenAL for audio, DirectInput for gamepad controls.
I initially was developing my game engine specifically for this game, but later left the group. I returned in 2011 to tackle the project again,
with my engine in a more complete state. The torch was later passed on to another coder, and I’m not sure the state of the project these days?

The alpha featured 3 robots, 4 levels, and 2 different kinds of blocks. The alpha showcases the bare systems of the game.
It had an interesting block match mechanic that is present in the alpha, but do to no visual feedback, is hard to pickup on.
I learned a lot during the development of this prototype.